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40 Days Pokémon Challenge | Day 32

Favorite Companion: Dawn - Hikari ⊙ω⊙

So I had to take an online alcohol course and for some reason I had to add captions to these pics soooo…

Erwin Smith and Hanji Zoe Official Art


Koujaku: It looks like I’ve fallen for you.

Aoba: *weird choking noise*

Koujaku: I love you. Ever since we were kids, I’ve loved you.

Aoba: *another weird choking noise*

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full sized images located here (800px by 11320x) and here (1000px by 1409px)

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Title: Sad Machine (Anamanaguchi Remix)

Artist: Porter Robinson

Album: Worlds
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Sad Machine (Anamanaguchi Remix) - Porter Robinson

"She depends on you, she depends on you
She’ll go alone, and never speak of this again
We depend on you, we depend (I depend) on you”